Hollie Scott and Dane Elkins Take Gold

In case you missed it last weekend, Hollie Scott of Bellingham, WA and Dane Elkins of Los Angeles, CA took the 2017 National Championships for High School Racquetball by storm. Hollie delivered as the #1 seed in the Girl's draw, holding her opponents to a scant total of 9 points over four games in the…
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Improve Your Game with a Membership to

Looking for a relatively inexpensive way to improve your game? Grab a membership to for only $4.99 a month! Probably the greatest benefit to being a member is having full access to our video archive, which contains hours of informational and instructional videos that will both inform and improve your game. Our video…
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An Inside View from the Vegas 3WB Championships

I had the chance yesterday to sit down with Steve Lerner, the tournament director here at the 3WB Championships. And note -- when I say "sit down," I mean only that I was sitting down. Steve was running eighteen different directions all at once, marshalling tournament staff, accommodating players, and coordinating with Stratosphere personnel. Everyone…
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Training Game: Down the Line

Here’s a training game version of a down the line drill. The object is to eliminate errors -- specifically skips and front wall-side wall shots. A point is scored when your opponent Skips the ball Hits the side wall in front of the safety line Lets the ball get past him (ie. no playing off…
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Cliff’s 1080 Hitting Drill

If you’re looking for a monster-sized hitting drill, look no further. Here is Cliff’s 1080 -- a drill with 1080 variations that will challenge even the most seasoned pros. Here’s how it works. First, choose your spot on the court. You’ve got 9 options. Next, choose how to shoot. 2 options here. Forehand Backhand Third,…
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