Find Cliff

Cliff can sometimes be a pretty tough guy to track down: he travels the world giving lessons, conducting clinics, coaching the pros, and playing in tournaments. This page will help you find Cliff, no matter where he happens to be.

There are three ways for you to get on the court with Cliff.

  1. Go to him in Minneapolis
  2. Meet him when he's on the road
  3. Have him come to you!

Interested in attending a Cliff Swain racquetball clinic?
Here's what to expect.

Use this "Book Appointment" button to:

  • register for an event on Cliff's Calendar
  • schedule a private lesson at a Minneapolis area Life Time Fitness
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Cliff currently gives lessons at the following Lifetime Fitness locations:

Target Center
St. Louis Park
Bloomington South

Cliff's Calendar

January 2017

Use this form to let Cliff know you're interested in:

  • scheduling a private lessons in conjunction with an event on his calendar
  • setting up an event or clinic in your hometown

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Cliff will travel to you to give individual lessons, group lessons, and either single- or multi-day group clinics.

The friendly and supportive atmosphere of group clinics are great for players of any level, and they offer the rare chance to be on the court with a legend. Learn from the best!

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