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Cliff Swain Signature Series Racquet

6-time #1 player on the planet Cliff Swain has played every racquet on the market in the past 30 years. But he wanted to develop a racquet as unique and dominating as his own game...one that could make a serious difference in any player's game. That's how the Cliff Swain Signature Series Racquet was born. It's the culmination of seven years of innovation, and widely regarded as the most impressive mix power and control in any racquet available today. If you're looking for the racquet that'll help take your game to the next level, this is the answer!

Cliff Swain Signature Series Racquetball Racquet

Materials: 100% Carbon Graphite Construction
Balance: 10mm Head Heavy
Weight: 169 gms (+/- )
Grip Sizes: 3 – 5/8” and 3 – 15/16”
String: Black 18 gauge monofilament
Play Style: Power and Control
Game Style: Prefer to Set Up Shots, Hit All Around the Court
Hand Speed: Fast
Sweet Spot: Prefer it higher on the frame towards the top of racquet head

Increased Power

We compressed graphite, creating a super concave shape to the upper portions of the racquet head and effectively doubling the wall thickness without having to add material. This super concave shape and doubled wall thickness significantly increases power, rigidity and strength, all the while keeping your racquet light and maneuverable. Its design enlarges the hitting surface area without increasing racquet size, giving maximum control for center and off center shots.

Large Sweet Spot

It has a large 107 sq. in. string bed, which maximizes string deflection and increases the Sweet Spot by 20%.

Displacement Channels

Parallel ridges run the length of the Solid Graphite Head, improving in-plane frame stiffness and reducing deformation. More energy is returned to the ball for superior power and accuracy. Impact energy is channeled downward and away to protect weakened areas caused by drilled string holes in the frame structure. Displacement Channels strengthen racquet structure and improve durability.

Power String Bed

Unique Power String Bed is designed to accommodate the use of thinner gauge string which is ideal for improved Power, Control and overall performance. Wide string space around the frame’s edge lessens friction and allows more stretch for increased Power. Dense String Pattern design provides additional string support at Sweet Spot to improve ball contact for exceptional control.

Cliff Swain Signature Series Bag

Cliff Swain Signature Series T-Shirts

Cliff Swain Signature Series Racquetball Bag

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Material: 1680 Woven Denier Polyester
Zippers: Inverted zippers for a smooth modern look
Features: Shoe Tunnel, Glove Cord, Head/Wristband cord, various pockets to secure belongings
Capacity: 4 racquets (2 pockets on each side)
Colors: Black with white and military green
Swain Signature Series Tee

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Swain Signature Series Tee - Red

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