Cliff Swain, the world’s best known and most respected racquetball player over the past three decades, gives you inside access to his knowledge, his skills, and his personally-designed signature series racquet and racquetball gear.

You CAN NOT get this from any other company or website.

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Swain Signature Series Gear

Cliff Swain Signature Series Racquetball Racquet
Hit like a pro with the Cliff Swain Signature Series Racquet.

Video Coaching

Video Coaching sessions with Cliff Swain
Improve your game with Cliff Swain Video Coaching packages.

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About this site

Welcome to the official website of the world’s only 6-time #1 ranked professional racquetball player! New and expanded line-up of racquetball racquets, gear and video coaching, plus your chance to get behind the scenes and inside the mind of Cliff Swain!

Cliff Swain Signature Series Gear

You'll hit like a pro with the Cliff Swain Signature Series Racquet, which features an impressive mix of power and control. Grab the Cliff Swain bag and the official Cliff Swain t-shirt and you'll look like a pro too.

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The newly redesigned Shop features all of our Cliff Swain Signature Series Gear -- racquet, bag, and t-shirt -- as well as Cliff Swain Video Coaching Packages, site memberships, and racquets and other gear from today's top manufacturers.
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