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Fix your fundamentals, learn advanced strategies, and prepare your mind and body for competition.

Intro to Racquetball

Forehand Grip - Intro to Racquetball Video SeriesThe Intro to Racquetball video series will teach you the essential concepts of the game.

Coach Cliff Swain

Coach Cliff Swain - Racquetball Instructional Video seriesThe Coach Cliff Swain video series takes you behind the scenes with Cliff and his athletes.


the_forehand_grip_misc_racquetball_videoA catch-all category for our Miscellaneous instructional videos that are not yet part of a series.


Learn tips, techniques, and strategies from the 6-time World Champ.

The Winning Edge

Winning Edge Video SeriesThe Winning Edge video series provides unique insight into the nuances of the sport.

The Mind of a Champion

Mind of a Champion - Video SeriesThe Mind of a Champion video series explores the mental toughness of a champion.


Interviews with Cliff SwainA catch-all category for Miscellaneous interviews of Cliff.

Match Archive

Watch matches featuring Cliff Swain and a variety of other champions.

Classic Swain Matches

Swain vs Monchik 2002Watch some of the Classic Cliff Swain matches.

Other Swain Matches

Other Cliff Swain MatchesWatch a variety of other Cliff Swain matches.

Miscellaneous Matches

Coby Iwaasa vs John GothWatch miscellaneous matches that feature the players Cliff coaches.