Custom Coaching Packages

If you're serious about improving your game -- no matter what your current skill level  -- a Custom Coaching Package is the way to go.

Work with Cliff to design a coaching package that is right for your skill level, your schedule, and your pocketbook!

Your custom coaching package can include:

  • In person coaching
  • Video coaching
  • Skype / Facetime consultations
  • Phone conversations
  • Drills and Training games
  • Mental Toughness instruction
  • Cross Fit and Weight Training coaching
  • Nutrition and Diet advice

You have the option to go to Cliff in Minnesota, to have Cliff come to you, or to meet Cliff at IRT, WOR, or USRA events -- whatever works for you.

Email Cliff at to get started!

Cliff Swain coaches LPRT pro Cece Orozco at the US Open




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