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Cliff Swain Video Coaching

If you're serious about taking your game to next level, personalized coaching sessions with Cliff are the best investment you can make! The 6-time #1 ranked player in the world will teach you the inside secrets to elevating your racquetball game! You'll learn:
  • Training
  • How to prep for a big match or tournament
  • How to warm up properly
  • How to turn weaknesses into strengths
  • Dominating drive serves
  • Smart court positioning
  • Proper forehand and backhand technique
  • Good footwork
  • Mental focus (90% of the game, what many players overlook!)

How Cliff Swain Video Coaching Works

You send Cliff a video and he sends back analysis that will improve your game.

We recommend installing the Coach's Eye App ($5), which will allow you to record and email a video of up to 4-5 minutes. The app will make Cliff's analysis much more efficient.

Stand at the dotted line and have your camera man stand at the back wall directly behind you. Make sure your feet and racquet are in the frame at all times. Cliff wants to see you hit 27 shots.

Hit 9 Forehands:
3 down the line, 3 pinches, and 3 cross courts

Hit 9 Backhands:
3 down the line, 3 pinches, and 3 cross courts

Hit 9 Serves:
3 drive serves to the right, 3 drive serves to the left, and 3 Z serves

Then send your video to for analysis from the 6-time world champ!

Watch the video for a quick sample of what you'll get back from Cliff. See more samples of Cliff's video coaching.

Video Coaching Sample

Cliff has been the number 1 player in the world 6 times. He has also been coaching for over 30 years. Here is his philosophy.

Racquetball is much more about forehands and backhands, serves and serve returns than people realize. Racquetball rallies are brief. Whoever strikes first frequently wins the rally. If your forehand fundamentals are poor, your serve will not be what it could be. If your backhand fundamentals are poor, your serve return will be weaker than it should be and it'll get picked on in rallies. Players lose to lesser athletes every day and that's not usually because of mental toughness or off court training. It's forehands and backhands, serves and serve returns. Shot selection is a factor, but if the proper shot can't be executed, the problem is fundamental flaws such as grip, etc. The ONLY way to reach your full potential is proper racquet skills. Cliff will also teach you the drills that he used when he was #1 but never shared with the world until now. These drills will show your weaknesses and strengths, and Cliff will help you begin to improve. Your racquetball fitness will skyrocket as well if you do them regularly.

Coby Iwaasa is the 2015 Junior Open Singles and Doubles and the 2015 Men's Open Singles and Doubles Canadian National Champion.

"When I first met Cliff, I was an unranked amateur player. Within 18 months he helped me become Number 2 in the world and win my very first professional tournament. I couldn't have done it without his help!"

- Maria Vargas, Currently ranked #2 on the LPRT pro tour

"Cliff is the best! An amazing player and coach!"

- Alejandro Herrera, Currently ranked #23 on the IRT pro tour

"Every time Cliff comes into Los Angeles, he always finds new ways to drastically improve my game."

- Dane Elkins, USA Jr National Team Member and 10-time WOR Jr World Champion

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