Here’s a training game version of a down the line drill.

The object is to eliminate errors — specifically skips and front wall-side wall shots.

A point is scored when your opponent

  • Skips the ball
  • Hits the side wall in front of the safety line
  • Lets the ball get past him (ie. no playing off the back wall)

To add an element of cardio to the drill, don’t stop when a point is scored. Continue rallying and keep the score on the fly. To change it up, play both the front and the back position on both the forehand and the backhand side.

Watch Cliff demonstrate the drill here with Roy Gelerman.

* Note: B-Level members and above can watch a longer version of the Training Game: Down the Line video in our video archive.

For immediate results, try this drill 20 minutes before you play a match. Chances are you’ll win several extra rallies with crisp and clean down the line winners.