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  1. Scott Schafer says:

    Great points, Cliff.

    So who is going to build some outdoor courts in the DFW Metroplex?? Who is going to step up?
    DJ? Marrero?

    Who is gonna do it?

  2. Liz Galvin says:

    What are the dates in March? I would love to come and watch..

    1. Vic Leibofsky says:

      Liz, if you come to the Beach Bash, you should play!

  3. Chris says:

    Nice article. Outdoor and Portable courts are great and could help bring thousands of new players. But there are billions of eyeballs on TV. Why isn’t there more TV coverage? I honestly don’t think I have even seen 1 RB match on TV and I have been playing for 30 years. The camera lens and microphone need to be inside the court not outside. That doesn’t mean that the camera itself needs to be inside, but at least the lens and mic should be. Thats the only way to really experience RB. The camera replays should be able to show slow-mo close up shots of the ball striking the wall. The mic should pic up players conversation, the squeaking of shoes, and the sound of the ball smacking against all wall. Now that would bring more RB players.

  4. Chris Logan says:

    I agree with to need to grow the sport, but we need more courts. Any suggestions for getting a set of engineering drawings (electronic) that can be forwarded to community leaders and interested parties? I am interested in both drawings for portable and permanent structures.

    1. Vic Leibofsky says:

      World Outdoor Racquetball will help you with plans and specs. They will also assist with letters and a commitment to bring WOR events to any park that is built.

  5. Thanks Cliff. I shared your blog post on outdoor on the Google plus racquetball community. Cheers, Ken

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